Silvia Marton

Silvia Marton

Managing director
Till Marton

Till Marton

Technical director
Sabrina Späti

Sabrina Späti

Konstruktion und Design
Marcel Blumer

Marcel Blumer


Our history

  • 2011

    A Porsche 968 shall go electric

    Silvia and Till Marton decide to convert their car into an electric sports car. At the time, they couldn't find anyone in Switzerland willing to take on the project. Finally, they found support from a German metalworker who had experience in converting combustion engines into electric cars and was willing to take on the project. So the car was taken to Germany and brought back to Switzerland half-finished at the end of the year. The battery management system was missing and the engine control unit was defective.

  • 2012

    Road registration ePorsche 968

    With the support of a Porsche garage, the car is being prepared for homologation, and officially registered in spring.


    Shortly after the registration, it turns out that the engine suspension is not up to the forces of the new engine. Continuing to drive the car is out of the question. But neither could they give up, because in the meantime Silvia and Till Marton had acquired some knowledge of their own. They then found a partner in Switzerland for the mechanical work.

  • 2014

    Completion of the Porsche 968

    Since both Till and Silvia Marton can only work on the car in their spare time, some more time passes until the Porsche is back on the road. With a new motor mounting and adaptation as well as a few other small optimisations, the time has finally come shortly before Christmas. From then on, the Porsche performs faithfully as their daily drive.

  • 2015

    What next?

    It's incredibly fun to drive around in the self-built electric car. But various details still distinguish the Porsche 968 from a series-production vehicle. If you want to drive it, you have to take a few things into account. And so Till and Silvia Marton consider whether it would be possible to realise a conversion on the level of a series-production vehicle. A vehicle that can be driven intuitively and without further explanation. The search for a follow-up project begins. Various options are examined, from the French water bird to the British-American snake.

  • 2016

    The Corvette

    A chassis and a body with holes, that's all that's left of the 1962 Corvette. This is not really a project for beginners, because in addition to electrification, a lot of restoration work is required. Thanks to a partner who has been involved in the project with great passion and enthusiasm from the very beginning, the Corvette is nevertheless the ideal basis. Because with electrification, this car can actually be given a second life.

  • 2018

    Foundation of Manufaktur Marton GmbH

    For some time now, Silvia and Till Marton have been toying with the idea of turning their passion into a career. So far, they have both been working in their professions, he as a computer engineer, she in agricultural and sustainability research. Only their free time remains for the Corvette. At the beginning of 2018, an opportunity arose to rent a workshop, and the two of them jumped at the chance. In May, they founded the company Manufaktur Marton GmbH and hired their first employee, Sabrina Späti.

  • 2019

    Homologation of the electric Corvette Dinora

    After more than 2000 hours of work, the time has come, the 1962 Corvette "Dinora" is successfully presented at the road traffic office in May and has been on Swiss roads ever since. Dinora proves time and again that it works reliably. For example, at the WAVE Trophy, which takes her and other electric vehicles all over Switzerland. Conclusion: suitable for travelling and pure driving pleasure.


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